Detox from Opiates

I went in to the treatment center for opiate detox and was immediately unable to leave for fear that I may give into the first days of withdrawal and use again. There were many painful nights of cold sweats, chills, and very painful body aches. After enduring seven days of the detoxification and the worst mental and physical pain I had ever experienced, the doctors told me I my body was substance free and I could now start my therapy and rehabilitation process at the treatment center.

Treatment and rehabilitation require permanent abstinence from opiates. Which is accomplished through a controlled environment and where the patient can be closely monitored for withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes patients are sedated for the entire detox treatment. The whole process of opiate detox could last three to seven days depending on factors such as severity, and physical health of the patient.

Once you have cleaned your body of the opiates and began to break your phycological addiction, it is time to create a plan for staying clean. You will have help from a variety of professionals, counselors, therapists, and in some cases physical trainers. In some cases a nutritionist will be assigned, they will show you what you should be eating to provide your body the proper amount of nutrients it needs to aid in recovery. You will need to make your body extremely healthy at this stage of recovery.

Finally the last part of the process is to undergo opiate detox is counseling. With the opiates out of your system, you’re ready for a healthier future; the counseling is designed to enable you to confront the challenges that you may be faced with during living sober. For all of the opiate users, you have gotten clean and healthy, some have relapsed back into opiate abuse. For many this is due to the future appearing to be frightening or hopeless, without opiates. After successful therapy, you will be able to realize that no matter how bad things get, they are always better without opiates.


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